Loyalty program

How the bonus program works

Join the loyalty program

Log in to the chatbot

Fill out the questionnaire

Purchase in store or online registration at ARBER MEGASTORE

Use bonuses

Save up to 40% on non-discounted purchases and 20% on discounted items

Collect bonuses

With every purchase, you get a guaranteed 20% cashback

Why should you issue a bonus card?

  • 20% cashback with every purchase!

  • 1,000 Birthday Bonuses for Arber Gold Members

  • 3,000 Birthday Bonuses for Arber Platinum Members

  • 300 gift bonuses after registration in ARBER CLUB

Bonuses in the amount of 20% of the purchase amount in stores where the Arber CLUB loyalty program operates, for any products and gift certificates, are credited to the participant's account.

How to issue a bonus card?

Fill in the information on the website

In order to start using the bonus card, you need to register on the website or fill in the information in your personal account.


Fill out the questionnaire in the chain of stores

The questionnaire must contain true data and your signature - without this, we will not be able to register you in the network. After filling out, you receive a plastic or virtual Arber Club card.


Features of calculating bonuses

Bonuses are accrued exclusively for your purchases as a member of the loyalty program. To do this, the cashier must scan the barcode of the bonus card or find it in the database by your phone number. In addition, you need to go to a special chatbot - see the instructions below.


1 hryvnia equals 1 bonus. Bonuses are accumulated with each purchase.

Bonuses become available within 24 hours from the moment of purchase of the Product.

Bonuses are valid for 6 months from the moment of accrual.

From Arber Gold to Arber Platinum when the amount of your purchases exceeds UAH 100,000.

From Arber Gold to Arber Platinum when the amount of your purchases exceeds UAH 100,000.

Payment with bonuses up to 20% on discounted goods and up to 40% on the new ARBER collection.

Connect our chat bot for speed and comfort

  • See the number of bonuses on the account.
  • Find out the address of the nearest store.
  • View the history of recent purchases.
  • Contact the operator.

Connect chat bot via:

Telegram Viber

Answers to popular questions

Here you will find answers to the most common questions


To become a member of the loyalty program, you need to make a purchase and fill out a customer questionnaire in a store or on the website. The questionnaire must contain true data and your signature - without this, we will not be able to register you in the network. After filling out, you will receive a virtual Arber Club card.

  • Important to know: You can only have one loyalty card. If you have several of them, it is better to contact a consultant who will combine the bonuses from your cards on one of your cards.
  • Processing of the questionnaire takes up to two calendar days from the moment of its completion. After that, you can immediately use the welcome and accrued bonuses.

Bonus calculation rules

  • After each purchase, you are credited with bonuses in the amount of 20% of the amount of the order in stores or on the website. Remember that for this you need to be authorized in our chatbot.
  • You can check the available bonuses in your personal account on the arber.ua website, in the mobile application, chatbot and at the store checkout.
  • Bonuses accumulate throughout the loyalty program period, and you can use them until they expire. The period of validity of accrued bonuses is 180 days (six months).

Types of bonus cards

Arber map type Bonus conversion percentage The required amount of accumulation
to increase the percentage
an envelopetions of bonuses
Birthday Additional privileges
Gold 20% Up to 100,000 We give away 1,000 bonuses per day
300 hryvnias welcome bonuses
Platinum 20% From 100,001 and above We give away 3,000 bonuses per day
Individual tailoring
– available service;
Free delivery at
orders in the online store;
We give a briefcase as a gift
for purchasing a suit/jacket

Rules for using bonuses

  • Bonuses are used as a discount. That is, when purchasing items from the new collection, you can pay with bonuses up to 40% of the amount of the check. If you want to buy products with a discount, you have the option to pay 20% of the cost of the product. The rest of the amount is paid in cash or non-cash.
  • You can pay for goods with bonuses through a smartphone. You also need to go to our chatbot during checkout.

1 bonus = 1 hryvnia

Bonuses can be used only by participants who have filled out the questionnaire and registered in the loyalty program. Also important:

  • Bonuses cannot be used to purchase a gift card.
  • The store reserves the right to change the terms of use of bonuses and the list of products, when buying which the participant cannot use the accumulated bonuses.
  • Bonuses cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Bonuses cannot be sold or transferred to another person.
  • If you purchased a product using bonuses and returned it to the store, the amount paid with bonuses will also be returned to your card.

Privileges and participation in promotions

The following privileges apply to customers with the Platinum card type:

  • Individual tailoring;
  • Free delivery when ordering in the online store;
  • We give away 3000 bonuses on your birthday;
  • When buying a suit/jacket, we give a portfold as a gift.

Contact us

If you did not find an answer to your question, use the feedback function in the mobile application, chatbot or contact the hotline 0800 212 214 . Or send a letter to the address ecommerce@arber.ua .